Taking electrical worries off your list

At Proton Electric we are interested in providing the highest quality service to our customers and in the most efficient manner. A long term relationship with our customers is more valuable to us than making a quick buck. We aim for 100% satisfaction 100% of the time.
Service is about the needs of the individual who is woven into the fabric of our community. With each customer, we are not only “doing business”, but making our city better.

The culture of our company is not only a drive toward excellence, but it is also meshed with a laid-back, friendly and honest team of professional electricans. Each team member wants to offer these skills to you in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident in the jobs you called on us to do.




Job one is the recognition of electrical hazards and the quick remedy of those hazards.

Code Compliance

We ensure safe, code-compliant installation of electrical systems and equipment. We keep up with all of the standards so you don’t have to.


Attention to Detail

This means prompt, courteous service with neat, precision installations and tidy job-site clean up.

New Technology

Relying on solar energy resources, we want all Proton customers to have the opportunity to become their own energy providers.

Continuous Training

This emphasis ensures Proton techs maintain knowledge, skills and dedication to customer service.


We have simple billing, simple communication and a simple process. We make it this way so while we focus on our strengths you can focus on yours.


We want to help professionals and families.

Proton Electric began over 10 years ago, excelling at serving professionals in a commercial environment. Now we help homeowners too. 

While serving professionals in our community, we found an urgent need for quality and trustworthy electricians to help our friends, that’s why we added Residential Services. 

We’ve all heard horror stories of handymen and cartoon electricians trying to add a light or fix a plug only to mess up, drive down the road, and never call again. Let Proton give you a glory story with our prompt courteous service. 

Punctuality, professionalism, and care do exist. It’s not enough to show up, a handyman or cartoon electrician can do that. We excel at finding the best way!

Our technicians are wonderful people therefore added safety is a way of life and continual goal. Proton Electric believes when our technicians are working safely they are working well. 

Proton Electric seeks to utilize the most talented and knowledgeable individuals to serve on our team. 

Proton Electric utilizes the best electrical equipment from the worlds most reliable manufacturers. We give our customers the assurance they need to feel safe and know it.

We are continually learning and challenging ourselves. We approach our tasks with eagerness, ready to prove we are the very best. From troubleshooting, to installing, or demolishing to building, Proton Electric can do it! 

We only want to impress one customer, you.


719 W Front St #81
Tyler, TX 75702






8:00am to 5:00pm (Monday - Friday)